A Perfect Stranger

I sighed, my hand cramped. Standing, I walked to the door, shaking out my fingers as I moved. My jeans itched. Frowning, I placed my hands on my hips, stretching out my spine. Grasping the doorknob, I swung the door open. I was greeted by a gust of cold wind that caused my breath catch in my throat.

I walked to my car, head down, hand covering my face. I looked as though I was avoiding the wind… which, I was, but I was also avoiding other human beings. People were so exhausting. I assumed they would always be that way.

Looking down and holding my hand over my face, my vision was somewhat obscured. I realized this a little too late.


I ran smack dab into something, or rather someone… and this someone was solid enough to stop a truck. I’m obviously much smaller than a truck, so I did more than stop, I fell over.

My vision blurred a little when I hit the ground, causing a headache at the back of my skull, though my head hadn’t hit the ground. I tried to stand, but was so flustered I forgot that feet and ankles had to agree with the brain before standing would actually work. They decided they didn’t want to work at this exact moment. And to make matters worse, I toppled face forward toward the hard ground.

I braced myself for the impact, maybe the possibility of losing a few teeth, a torn chin.

To my surprise, I never hit the ground. The solid form of a person swiftly grabbed me by the back of my shirt and hoisted me upwards. My ankles still didn’t think standing was appropriate for this situation, so this tall stranger propped me against himself in an awkward manner. Himself?!

It was all I could do to not ‘accidentally’ push myself away from him. I didn’t like boys, or men, or the male race. I’d had bad experiences with them, more than two or three. Hearts shouldn’t be broken, especially when ever person only has one.

I examined this one's face. Sculpted jaw, eyes that were framed by slightly crooked eyebrows, a scar on his cheekbone. He had some curling strands of brown hair behind his ears, though most of them were straight. He smiled down at me, a dimple appearing. I wondered if it showed itself often.

“Are you quite done staring?” He asked with a laugh, the slight memory of an accent coating his voice. I didn’t hesitate to answer him.

“You should smile more.” I said simply, arching one eyebrow. He looked somewhat surprised I didn’t deny the fact that I had been examining his appearance. I guess he didn’t realize that I wasn’t the type of person to care what one thought of me, not anymore.

“What makes you think I don’t already smile?” He countered. I saw a twitch in his jaw. Perhaps this was some frustration? Beautiful. I absolutely adore annoying young men, though I promised myself to be nice this time.

“Your dimple seemed as though it was a freed prisoner,” I said with a laugh, observing his eyebrow twitch in denial. “Thank you for catching me though...” I tried to straighten up, to walk away or SOMETHING. One foot decided that would be an unimaginable feat. I winced.

“May I walk you to your car?” He graciously asked, grinning down at me, his eyes were jolly, mocking, yet there was a pity in them. I didn’t understand how the combination was possible, but I liked it. Smiling gratefully, I nodded.

“That would be GREATLY appreciated.” I laughed, somewhat breathless from his closeness. If I was breathless then, I was on the brink of death less that a second later.

I expected him to let me put my arm over his shoulder and hobble to my car, which was quite a distance from our current location, but no.

With one swift movement, I was situated in his arms, and I fit… perfectly.

“Where is your coach Mi’lady.” He said with a flirtatious wink. I scoffed and waved my arm in the general direction.

“About two miles good sir.” I stated, my face dead serious. I watched as dread crawled up into the corner of his eyes. I burst out laughing.

“I hope that means you’re kidding...” He said, a sound of a smile creeping into his voice.

“Not at all.” I giggled. He groaned, and pretended to drop me. I shrieked, my arms snaking around his neck by instinct.

Turning my face, I came eye to eye and nose to nose to this perfect (definitely perfect) stranger. My breath hitched. I felt his heart pounding. His eyes searching mine, as though he recognized something. He wrinkled his nose, and suddenly his expression was so adorably odd, I burst into laughter.

What you must realize is, my laughter is not quiet and cute… It’s loud obnoxious giggling. I’ve been told it’s extremely contagious. As I sat there in his arms, giggling helplessly, people along the street stared. An old couple smiled at us, a mother pointed us out to her teenage daughter, the young man carrying me, looked content. Content.

That’s when I realized, I too, felt content in his arms. He pressed his lips to my ear.

“By the way, you should laugh more.” He winked, I blushed.

When we finally reached my car, I was pretty sure I would marry the kid. And just for your information, I did.



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