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The leaves never seemed to be done being raked. One day, I raked all I could, the next, it seemed that the amount of them on the ground had doubled. Today was one of those days where my motivation to do the raking yet AGAIN, was lacking. My rake’s handle was wrapped in duct tape because of a rather unfortunate break and to my utter misfortune, wasn’t holding very well.      Despite these frustrating conditions, I resolved to not go inside till the leaves were moved from under the trees into the flowerbeds. This proved to be quite a miserable resolution due to the cold temperature and the rather unpleasant wind, which soon became quite blustery and more than apparent.      Though I was frozen, and my hands were turning a lovely shade of maroon, I couldn’t deny how beautiful it was. The mountains far in the west were shrouded with a delightful fog, except for one peak. A single ray of sunshine lingered there, as though beckoning. Oh, how I wanted to go. I longed to go live up there…

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