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A Perfect Stranger

I sighed, my hand cramped. Standing, I walked to the door, shaking out my fingers as I moved. My jeans itched. Frowning, I placed my hands on my hips, stretching out my spine. Grasping the doorknob, I swung the door open. I was greeted by a gust of cold wind that caused my breath catch in my throat.

I walked to my car, head down, hand covering my face. I looked as though I was avoiding the wind… which, I was, but I was also avoiding other human beings. People were so exhausting. I assumed they would always be that way.

Looking down and holding my hand over my face, my vision was somewhat obscured. I realized this a little too late.


I ran smack dab into something, or rather someone… and this someone was solid enough to stop a truck. I’m obviously much smaller than a truck, so I did more than stop, I fell over.

My vision blurred a little when I hit the ground, causing a headache at the back of my skull, though my head hadn’t hit the ground. I tried to stand, but was so flustered…
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Laundromat Encounter

She walked in with an absolutely glorious frown on her face. Her eyes were wide-set, blue, and full of immense frustration. I smiled in her direction, but her eyes stared past me, as though refusing to acknowledge my presence. I stepped out of her way, and watched carefully as she made her way to the very last washing machine along the wall. It’s bright yellow color was dull compared to her brilliance.         She must have felt my stare, and turned. Our eyes met. My cheeks flushed. I quickly turned back to face the washing machine in front of me, suddenly my collection of socks and blue jeans swirling in the sudsy water seemed quite fascinating. It wasn’t long till I peaked over again to observe this bright person yet again. She had pulled a small stool up to the yellow box and was now sitting, scribbling in a notebook, her foot tapping impatiently. Her clothes were half loaded in the machine, some hanging out. A sock decorated with the words ‘Ho Ho Ho’ lay on the floor besid…


Curling into a ball, I stayed there. I listened to the screams of my mother, sister, brother. Gone. All taken from me by... them. When the frightening yells and loud footsteps had ceased, it was dusk. The sun had just disappeared over the horizon, just as all my hope had. Tears spilled from my eyes, trailing in tiny rivers down my dirty cheeks. I can remember calling for hours, my small stomach growling, thirst leaving my tongue coated with an unpleasant sticky taste, the taste of blood. I don’t remember much after that, my ravenous hunger taking over my mind, but I do remember one thing. An animal spoke to me. Not a bird, trained to do so on command, but a wolf. This wolf whispered it gently as her fangs tore into my shoulder, blinding me with a ferocious pain. Child, you must break out. The day after It all happened, I was miraculously still alive. My shoulder was torn and bleeding heavily, yet I couldn’t feel any strength draining from my body. Rather, I felt empowered. I felt as th…

Summer Worth Having

I laughed, shoving my brother and watching in satisfaction as he stumbled over. Taking his misfortune as an advantage, I sprinted down the driveway. My bare feet stung a little with each step, but I didn’t want to move over to the grass, as it would mess with my time. I could hear his approaching footsteps. With a slightly terrified mostly mocking laugh, I pushed myself faster, struggling to stay ahead. “Rills hold up!” My twin brother shouted. Looking back, I saw that he had stopped and was clutching his side. “Aw C’mon.” I scoffed. "You’ve got more energy than that." I slowed down, stubbing my big toe in the process. I turned and walked back to my brother. “Hey, bruh lets run down to the park,” I demanded. Laughing, he straightened up. “First one to the top of the city building wins.” He hissed, breaking into a full run. “JAX!” I shrieked, “You traitor!” Gasping for breath, I ran after him, my feet just touching the ground. We ran down the block, I was right on his heels. Not a…


This is a vulnerable post. It's based on me. I prefer if no one said anything about it.  If you won't be able to keep a judgment free mind, please don't keep reading. <3
Masks By Autumn Dickey
Sometimes you must distance yourself from everything Including the very things and people you love most And it hurts
But what hurts more is the fact that you could hurt them Dreadfully In ways, they couldn’t imagine an would never guess
I may seem sweet kind and confident But in reality, I’m more broken than one person could ever know I have problems too
I get angry too easily My heart and my mind are both screaming of different reactions And my body is oblivious
A dark devil lives in my toes And every so often it grabs me and pulls me down on it’s level Whispering hateful things and forcing hatred out of me
But that’s not me It is what I hate about myself It’s what I hide and only think about when I’m alone under my covers
I can’t control it And everyone just tells me to stop But don’t they see I’m dy…


The rain and stars My face wet with the sky’s tears The moon lighting up my path It’s soft glow bringing comfort
The wilderness sustains me The tall pines swaying in the breeze The fog creeping silently As though it was living
Peace is what I feel up here Completely and utterly alone The cold spreading from my toes upward Chilling yet beckoning
Just think your father Your own father who lives above He created this peaceful magic This serenity
He created it for you to relish To find peace and comfort in It is as though he created another home A home with no hardship
Simply you and the wild A wild that you can see your heart through

I Love A Cameraman

I laughed, spinning around. The brightly colored leaves falling around me gave almost a magical feel. I sighed, closing my eyes. I tilted my face upward, innocent pleasure brushing across my features.
    “Perfect!” I heard the cameraman shout, his low voice made me shiver. “Same time tomorrow?” He asked though it seemed more like a command. I shot him a winning smile.
    “No. I have other commitments, Ralph, remember?” He scowled, gritting his teeth. I had told him a while ago, he should have known. Besides, I was not just a prop. He turned, and trudged back to the equipment van. I smiled, but not at all apologetically. I didn’t care, he could be angry if he wanted. I walked to my black convertible and climbed in. Waving, I grabbed my keys and started towards home.
    Home was located in the center of the city at the very top of a huge building. It was tedious to walk up and down the stairs every morning, but the view was worth it. I could see everything, and by everything I mean ev…