Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Perfect Stranger

I sighed, my hand cramped. Standing, I walked to the door, shaking out my fingers as I moved. My jeans itched. Frowning, I placed my hands on my hips, stretching out my spine. Grasping the doorknob, I swung the door open. I was greeted by a gust of cold wind that caused my breath catch in my throat.

I walked to my car, head down, hand covering my face. I looked as though I was avoiding the wind… which, I was, but I was also avoiding other human beings. People were so exhausting. I assumed they would always be that way.

Looking down and holding my hand over my face, my vision was somewhat obscured. I realized this a little too late.


I ran smack dab into something, or rather someone… and this someone was solid enough to stop a truck. I’m obviously much smaller than a truck, so I did more than stop, I fell over.

My vision blurred a little when I hit the ground, causing a headache at the back of my skull, though my head hadn’t hit the ground. I tried to stand, but was so flustered I forgot that feet and ankles had to agree with the brain before standing would actually work. They decided they didn’t want to work at this exact moment. And to make matters worse, I toppled face forward toward the hard ground.

I braced myself for the impact, maybe the possibility of losing a few teeth, a torn chin.

To my surprise, I never hit the ground. The solid form of a person swiftly grabbed me by the back of my shirt and hoisted me upwards. My ankles still didn’t think standing was appropriate for this situation, so this tall stranger propped me against himself in an awkward manner. Himself?!

It was all I could do to not ‘accidentally’ push myself away from him. I didn’t like boys, or men, or the male race. I’d had bad experiences with them, more than two or three. Hearts shouldn’t be broken, especially when ever person only has one.

I examined this one's face. Sculpted jaw, eyes that were framed by slightly crooked eyebrows, a scar on his cheekbone. He had some curling strands of brown hair behind his ears, though most of them were straight. He smiled down at me, a dimple appearing. I wondered if it showed itself often.

“Are you quite done staring?” He asked with a laugh, the slight memory of an accent coating his voice. I didn’t hesitate to answer him.

“You should smile more.” I said simply, arching one eyebrow. He looked somewhat surprised I didn’t deny the fact that I had been examining his appearance. I guess he didn’t realize that I wasn’t the type of person to care what one thought of me, not anymore.

“What makes you think I don’t already smile?” He countered. I saw a twitch in his jaw. Perhaps this was some frustration? Beautiful. I absolutely adore annoying young men, though I promised myself to be nice this time.

“Your dimple seemed as though it was a freed prisoner,” I said with a laugh, observing his eyebrow twitch in denial. “Thank you for catching me though...” I tried to straighten up, to walk away or SOMETHING. One foot decided that would be an unimaginable feat. I winced.

“May I walk you to your car?” He graciously asked, grinning down at me, his eyes were jolly, mocking, yet there was a pity in them. I didn’t understand how the combination was possible, but I liked it. Smiling gratefully, I nodded.

“That would be GREATLY appreciated.” I laughed, somewhat breathless from his closeness. If I was breathless then, I was on the brink of death less that a second later.

I expected him to let me put my arm over his shoulder and hobble to my car, which was quite a distance from our current location, but no.

With one swift movement, I was situated in his arms, and I fit… perfectly.

“Where is your coach Mi’lady.” He said with a flirtatious wink. I scoffed and waved my arm in the general direction.

“About two miles good sir.” I stated, my face dead serious. I watched as dread crawled up into the corner of his eyes. I burst out laughing.

“I hope that means you’re kidding...” He said, a sound of a smile creeping into his voice.

“Not at all.” I giggled. He groaned, and pretended to drop me. I shrieked, my arms snaking around his neck by instinct.

Turning my face, I came eye to eye and nose to nose to this perfect (definitely perfect) stranger. My breath hitched. I felt his heart pounding. His eyes searching mine, as though he recognized something. He wrinkled his nose, and suddenly his expression was so adorably odd, I burst into laughter.

What you must realize is, my laughter is not quiet and cute… It’s loud obnoxious giggling. I’ve been told it’s extremely contagious. As I sat there in his arms, giggling helplessly, people along the street stared. An old couple smiled at us, a mother pointed us out to her teenage daughter, the young man carrying me, looked content. Content.

That’s when I realized, I too, felt content in his arms. He pressed his lips to my ear.

“By the way, you should laugh more.” He winked, I blushed.

When we finally reached my car, I was pretty sure I would marry the kid. And just for your information, I did.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Laundromat Encounter

       She walked in with an absolutely glorious frown on her face. Her eyes were wide-set, blue, and full of immense frustration. I smiled in her direction, but her eyes stared past me, as though refusing to acknowledge my presence. I stepped out of her way, and watched carefully as she made her way to the very last washing machine along the wall. It’s bright yellow color was dull compared to her brilliance.
        She must have felt my stare, and turned. Our eyes met. My cheeks flushed. I quickly turned back to face the washing machine in front of me, suddenly my collection of socks and blue jeans swirling in the sudsy water seemed quite fascinating.
It wasn’t long till I peaked over again to observe this bright person yet again. She had pulled a small stool up to the yellow box and was now sitting, scribbling in a notebook, her foot tapping impatiently. Her clothes were half loaded in the machine, some hanging out. A sock decorated with the words ‘Ho Ho Ho’ lay on the floor beside her.
Her book closed. I jumped, and almost fell backwards. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice. She swept her sock off the ground and stuffed it into the washer, along with all of her other clothes. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she scrutinized the buttons and controllers, her nose wrinkled in confusion. I held back a chuckle.
        She stood there for a while, just looking, reaching a hand up hesitantly once or twice, as though she thought she knew what she was doing and then second guessed herself. Adorable.
        My phone vibrated. Reaching for it, I scrolled through a long text message from my mom, just scanning it for anything truly important. Clean room, Oh that actually sounds like a good idea. And so, I pulled my to do list that I carried around constantly and underneath ‘Laundry’ I wrote, ‘Clean House’. That’s when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning to face the intruder, a slow smile spread across my lips. It was the girl with the glorious frown, only now instead of a frown, there was a small lips closed sort of smile.
       ‘Can I help you?’ I asked, softly. Her lips tightened, and she looked down, avoiding eye contact.
        ‘Um.’ She mumbled, before blurting; ‘Canyouhelpmewiththe-’ A pause to breathe. ‘washer machine thingy?’
       ‘Sure can.’ I said with a laugh. She blinked, standing there for a moment as I looked down into her eyes. She stood like that for a little while, and then she jumped, pink creeping up into her cheeks.
        ‘It’s over here.’ She said, quickly looking at the ground. I held back some friendly laughter, and followed her to the washing machine ‘thingy’.
        After helping her with the buttons and dials, she mouthed her thanks. I was about to walk back to my spot on the opposite side of the building, when a brilliant idea hit me. I turned back to face her.
       ‘Could you do me a favor in return?’ I asked, in all seriousness. Her eyes went blank for a moment, as though it took her a minute to register why I was talking to her.
       ‘Oh!’ She gasped, her voice reaching a rather high note. ‘I mean.’ She opened and closed her mouth as though searching for words. Deep breath. ‘Yes?’
        ‘Ah perfect.’ I said with a laugh. Pulling my to do list and pen out of my pocket, ‘So I have this to do list...’ I leaned against the machine and wrote a new task on the crinkled piece of paper. Bending over so she could see my list, I watched as her eyes lit up. She laughed, an absolutely magical sound. Reaching over, she grabbed it from my hands, as if to read it again. On my list, I had written eight words ‘Take a cute girl out on a date’. Smiling, I removed it gently from her tiny hands.
        ‘Is that a yes?’ I said with a wink.
        ‘Oh but obviously... washer machine boy.’ She answered with a giggle, and an attempt to return the wink. I marveled at what I saw next, her smile was more glorious than her frown.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


    Curling into a ball, I stayed there. I listened to the screams of my mother, sister, brother. Gone. All taken from me by... them.
When the frightening yells and loud footsteps had ceased, it was dusk. The sun had just disappeared over the horizon, just as all my hope had. Tears spilled from my eyes, trailing in tiny rivers down my dirty cheeks. I can remember calling for hours, my small stomach growling, thirst leaving my tongue coated with an unpleasant sticky taste, the taste of blood. I don’t remember much after that, my ravenous hunger taking over my mind, but I do remember one thing. An animal spoke to me. Not a bird, trained to do so on command, but a wolf. This wolf whispered it gently as her fangs tore into my shoulder, blinding me with a ferocious pain. Child, you must break out.
    The day after It all happened, I was miraculously still alive. My shoulder was torn and bleeding heavily, yet I couldn’t feel any strength draining from my body. Rather, I felt empowered. I felt as though I could run for miles. I was no longer ravenous, my hunger had dulled to a hollow ache, allowing me to think clearly. Thirst was the only issue at hand.  I had already examined the well, and could tell the water was unclean. A sticky gray substance coated the surface and something that look nauseatingly similar to an arm was floating within the once clean water. My stomach churned thinking of it.
    Glancing to the forest, the once foreboding tree’s seemed to be beckoning. I could hear something. Come, It hissed. I followed blindly, making it into the brush just in time. A hawk screamed, causing a shudder that went from the top of my spine down to my fingertips. Horse hooves. I dropped to the ground, my heart beat slowing in dread, as though it was preparing itself for death. A man riding a huge blood colored beast crested the hill above the village. I recognized the crest and fought down vomit. Men gathered behind him. I heard them speaking in the guttural language. An animal snorted, turning it’s head towards my location, followed by the heads of all the figures. My mind went blank, other than the words blazing through my head. Run.
    I ran, the tall ferns slapping my face as I pressed onward. My face stung. Putting up my hand felt my face, it was wet. Assuming it was simply tears, I kept on. I saw my hand out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it was black with blood. Another fern sliced across my face, wincing, I brought my arms up to protect my torn skin but still pressed onward. Through the darkness, I fled. I could almost feel the hot breath of my enemies.
    I felt the irresistible to urge to stop, so I did so. Turning, I watched as the dreadful beasts bore down upon me. This was it, I was going to die and I knew it. I closed my eyes, memories of eerie screams threading through my mind. I braced myself for a painful mauling, for a likely death. I stood there, paralyzed, unmoving, my heart pounding, my brain pulsing. My surroundings were vivid, the last seconds of my life blazed out in brilliant color.
    An arm grabbed my ankle, yanking me downwards. I opened my mouth as though to scream, but no sound rose from my throat.
    “SHHH.” a young voice hissed. “You’re safe here.” I jumped away from the person's touch, my eyes wide
    “Who are you…” I hissed, my breath coming in short gasps. I looked at the boy, for it most certainly was a boy. He was draped in the garb of a religious elder, though there was no possibility that he was one.
    As though reading my thoughts, he laughed. He had a rather delightful laugh, or it would have been, if my mind wasn’t filled with terror. His laugh was a terrifying one, one that seemed to mock everything and not obey or listen. I’m not saying I was perfect in the ‘obedience’ field, but he had a sort of entitlement about him… One that didn’t seem exactly to fit our current situation. He opened his mouth, but I cut him off.
    “Who are you,” I growled, struggling to keep the tears from pouring out of my eyes.
    “Well, I’m not a monk.” He laughed with a wink, gesturing to his odd attire. I inhaled briskly, fighting sobs.
    “I could have guessed from your stupidity,” I whispered, turning my face away as a tear slid down my cheek. I could feel his eyes on my back, and tried to regain composer. I struggled to push all feeling into the pit of my stomach.  I couldn’t show weakness, my family was gone I was helpless to save them, vivid memories of the blood pooling on the ground, children being trampled underneath the huge beasts. And now, I was here with a stranger, no family, no future.
    He cleared his throat. I realized tears has started spilling down my torn cheeks. My face stung as the salty water mixed with the scratches on my face. Wiping the tears quickly away, I could see that I hadn’t stopped bleeding, blood and tears now adorned the back of my slender hand. My shoulder throbbed.
    “Let’s get you to bed.” The boy whispered, his eyes filled with pity. I didn’t resist, rather I followed him to a pile of leaves in the corner. There I curled up, and as the silent tears trickled down my face, I slipped into oblivion.
    I awoke to the smell of something burning, my eyes smarted. I opened them slowly, only to see the boy, his back towards me, struggling with what seemed to be a crudely made cooking fire. I struggled to sit up, groaning in pain. My shoulder ached… My shoulder! Glancing down at it quickly, I saw that it was wrapped in ferns. A green sticky substance with a tangy sweet smell filled my nostrils.
    “You’re awake.” He called over his shoulder. I shivered, gesturing to my shoulder.
    “What’s this?” I asked, my voice quavering. I frowned when he didn’t answer. “Are you going to tell me or not?” I spat, frustrated, scared.
    “Do you really not know?” The boy scoffed.
    “Would I be asking if I did?” I hissed through clenched teeth. He sighed, bringing his hand up to his forehead.
    “You have a lot to learn.” Frowning at his answer, I was about to make a rude comment, then realized he was right, I knew nothing.
    “Then teach me,” I demanded. To my surprise, he smiled, a genuine smile, not one worth fearing.
    I began learning after breakfast, if that’s what one would call the burned carcass of a grass pheasant. By no means was it tasty but it filled our stomachs, so I chose not to complain. After eating our fill, we tossed the remains outside of our little hole underneath a huge tree. Whistling, the boy (who I found was named Zaire) called for something. I waited, wondering was about to happen, and that is when I hear a rustle of wings.
    Looking upward, I found myself staring eye to eye with a huge owl. It blinked at me, before turning it’s majestic head to the animal remains. My mind flashed back to all the pain. My family was gone.
Gasping for breath, I collapsed to the ground seizing my heart. Zaire waved at the beast with authority and I watched through lidded eyes, as it followed his motions, scooping up the little pheasant and carrying it up into the lofty branches of the tree.
“What-” My breath came in short gasps. “W-was that.”
    “That,” He said softly. “Is my soul.” I looked at him, confused, slightly concerned for his mental health, but I let it be. My head swirled, the bird's eyes filled my mind, which I struggled to push to the corners. I glanced at Zaire, our eyes met. The feelings rushed back. His eyes, were that of the owl. My eyes rolled back, and I sank back into the grass, my mind being overcome by darkness.
time passes
    I didn’t think about this again for months. I never saw the bird again either, though sometimes I felt like I could feel it staring down at us from the trees. Zaire and I grew close, closer than siblings, though I avoided eye contact. Our thoughts were so similar one would think we could communicate through our thoughts. Sometimes I even felt like we did. I still felt the pain of losing my family, an intense pain. Nightmares woke me at night, leaving my mind full of dread and sleep next to impossible, but with Zaire by my side, murmuring that I was safe, protected, I felt as though I was for fleeting moments.
This all changed. For one day, he left. He didn’t come back.
At first, I thought nothing of it, simply thinking that he wanted some time alone. This changed when night came. He never stayed away overnight, never would either. He had told me that night was the prime time to get killed.
I struggled to sleep, tried to tell myself everything would be all right, that he would come back. Yet, every time I drifted off to sleep, I had those dreams, but instead of my family, it was him. I met his eyes. I awoke sobbing, my heart felt torn from me. My whole soul trembled. Where was he?
I stood, every inch of me shaking with fear. I must go find him. I didn’t hesitate, instead, I snatched a knife and ran into the darkness. The moon cast an eerie light, screeching noises threatened to deafen me. My feet pounded on the chilled ground. I didn’t know where I was going, I simply knew I couldn’t stay at that true.
A wolf howled, sending chills down my spine. My shoulder tingled, the newly grown over scar stung. Gasping for breath, I stumbled. Clutching my old wound. It was sticky, my hand came away black, glimmering in the moonlight. Fear clouded my mind. I heard something approaching. Clutching my small knife, I backed against a huge tree. Narrowing my eyes, I searched for the source of the sound. Something pierced my spine, a burning pain traveled up into my head, where it exploded into tiny stinging fireworks. No.
Pushing away from the tree, I gasped in pain as something wrenched out of my back. I fell forward, heaving. I could hear them. Memories flooded my mind, the children being torn from their parents, the blood running in streams through the streets.
Tears flooded down my face. I thought of everything I had lost, him. I had lost him. Gazing up at the moon, I felt the creatures advance. I dropped my knife to the ground.  A howl filled the air, sending shivers down my spine. My scar burned.
I glanced up and saw the silhouette of an owl.
“Zaire”, I breathed. Closing my eyes, I accepted my fate. My own knife was swept from the ground by a human hand. Glancing upward, I saw his face.
“Zaire.” I sobbed, my fingers digging into the dirt. Crouching, he pulled me to him. Blood poured from my back, but I struggled to stand. Standing, he cradled me in his arms. And that’s when I realized, this was my meaning. A flash blinded me, striking the moon. Darkness enveloped us. I took flight as he pressed his lips to my forehead. I saw the wolf, and again it spoke. You are home. Glancing below me, I blew a kiss. Zaire cradled my body, I could see the shards of his heart scattered on the ground.
“I love you.” I mouthed, before turning. A few steps forward, I looked back, a sad smile on my lips. ‘When it is your time I'll return for you.’ I breathed, a single tear sliding down my face.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Summer Worth Having

I laughed, shoving my brother and watching in satisfaction as he stumbled over. Taking his misfortune as an advantage, I sprinted down the driveway. My bare feet stung a little with each step, but I didn’t want to move over to the grass, as it would mess with my time. I could hear his approaching footsteps. With a slightly terrified mostly mocking laugh, I pushed myself faster, struggling to stay ahead.
    “Rills hold up!” My twin brother shouted. Looking back, I saw that he had stopped and was clutching his side.
    “Aw C’mon.” I scoffed. "You’ve got more energy than that." I slowed down, stubbing my big toe in the process. I turned and walked back to my brother.
    “Hey, bruh lets run down to the park,” I demanded. Laughing, he straightened up.
    “First one to the top of the city building wins.” He hissed, breaking into a full run.
    “JAX!” I shrieked, “You traitor!” Gasping for breath, I ran after him, my feet just touching the ground. We ran down the block, I was right on his heels. Not about to let him beat me, I shoved him into the grass along the side of the road. He pulled me down with him. Fighting to get up, we started running neck and neck.
    “Jax! Rilla!” A voice shouted behind us. I recognized it, Lucus. He was a great family friend, and wayyy faster than I was. Ignoring him, I pressed on faster.
    “Rills is gonna beat me!” Jax yelled in hot pursuit. Soon, Lucas followed. I could feel someone gaining on me, and watched in distaste as the neon tennis shoes of our friend moved a bit ahead of my dirty toe bloody feet. A laugh bubbled up in the back of my throat. Elbowing Lucas in the side I tried to get ahead, but in the process, I tripped. As the ground rose up before me, I shielded my face from the gravel, knowing I would prefer bloodied arms to a torn up face. I braced myself for the impact but wasn’t ready for what I actually fell into. That’s right, I fell directly into his arms. Gasping, out of breath, I began to giggle nervously. Jax’s laugh followed, and Lucas stared at us confused. Just about then, I realized he was still holding me. My face blushing crimson, I pushed myself out of his arms and into a standing position.
    “Thanks,” I mumbled, rubbing my arm sheepishly.
    “Cuuhhhuuutttte!” Jax yelled enthusiastically, causing Lucas to blush and rub the back of his neck. I looked around wildly for a distraction.
    “Catch me if you can ‘Little bro’.” I laughed, before hurtling towards the city building. A surprised laugh came from Lucas and a desperate yell from Jax. I scrambled up the bricks, only to see those all too familiar neon sneakers above me. Reaching down his hand, he helped me onto the roof. I quickly dropped his hand and scooted away from him.
    “Loserrrr,” I shouted down to Jax’s red face. Scowling her scrambled up the side of the building. We all sat there on the roof, legs dangling. It was calming to sit up there, I felt safe. My arm brushed against his… Glancing up, I saw Lucas’s small adoring smile out of the corner of my eye. I felt red rise in my cheeks. We sat there till the sun set, laughing about school and throwing sticks that had lodged in the shingles at each other.
On the way home, I couldn’t help but smile. My arms were scraped from the brick wall, my toe was no longer bleeding, Jax and I had convinced Lucas that his shoes were completely unnecessary so the were now tied together by the laces and tossed over his shoulder. Glancing his direction, my heart quickened. Somehow I knew, this would be a great summer… maybe even more than that.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This is a vulnerable post. It's based on me. I prefer if no one said anything about it.  If you won't be able to keep a judgment free mind, please don't keep reading. <3

By Autumn Dickey

Sometimes you must distance yourself from everything
Including the very things and people you love most
And it hurts

But what hurts more is the fact that you could hurt them
In ways, they couldn’t imagine an would never guess

I may seem sweet kind and confident
But in reality, I’m more broken than one person could ever know
I have problems too

I get angry too easily
My heart and my mind are both screaming of different reactions
And my body is oblivious

A dark devil lives in my toes
And every so often it grabs me and pulls me down on it’s level
Whispering hateful things and forcing hatred out of me

But that’s not me
It is what I hate about myself
It’s what I hide and only think about when I’m alone under my covers

I can’t control it
And everyone just tells me to stop
But don’t they see I’m dying inside?

How can they not see my effort and straining
I stretch every day second and month
Wishing I could stop before I break

I always break
And I don’t always mend before I shatter again

We all have masks. 
But mine is consuming me

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The rain and stars
My face wet with the sky’s tears
The moon lighting up my path
It’s soft glow bringing comfort

The wilderness sustains me
The tall pines swaying in the breeze
The fog creeping silently
As though it was living

Peace is what I feel up here
Completely and utterly alone
The cold spreading from my toes upward
Chilling yet beckoning

Just think your father
Your own father who lives above
He created this peaceful magic
This serenity

He created it for you to relish
To find peace and comfort in
It is as though he created another home
A home with no hardship

Simply you and the wild
 A wild that you can see your heart through

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I Love A Cameraman

I laughed, spinning around. The brightly colored leaves falling around me gave almost a magical feel. I sighed, closing my eyes. I tilted my face upward, innocent pleasure brushing across my features.
    “Perfect!” I heard the cameraman shout, his low voice made me shiver. “Same time tomorrow?” He asked though it seemed more like a command. I shot him a winning smile.
    “No. I have other commitments, Ralph, remember?” He scowled, gritting his teeth. I had told him a while ago, he should have known. Besides, I was not just a prop. He turned, and trudged back to the equipment van. I smiled, but not at all apologetically. I didn’t care, he could be angry if he wanted. I walked to my black convertible and climbed in. Waving, I grabbed my keys and started towards home.
    Home was located in the center of the city at the very top of a huge building. It was tedious to walk up and down the stairs every morning, but the view was worth it. I could see everything, and by everything I mean everything. The people were simply ants, the clouds were so close it was as if I could fly.
    Opening the door to my loft apartment, I sighed. My shoes itched. Kicking them off, I ran to my window. I would never tire of this view, I sighed. Spreading my arms, I closed my eyes, imagining the seagulls, their hoarse cries sending delightful tremors through my body. I stood there for maybe seconds, maybe hours. My soul flying above the buildings, the clouds, the whole world.
    I was interrupted by a harsh knock on the door, I stumbled, sprawling on the floor. Cursing my clumsiness, I staggered to my feet and dashed towards the door, whilst yelling “Just a second!”. I somehow managed to grasp the doorknob, swing the door open, then trip over the bare floor directly into Mr. Camera man’s arms. Terrified of all physical contact, I did what most people would do in the situation, I flung myself off of him, landing a good knock to the head in the process.    
    I sat there, my face turning a deep shade of red. Reaching up, I rubbed the side of my head, trying to figure out how I had managed to get in that position. I couldn’t remember. Ralph cleared his throat uncomfortably. I jumped to my feet, stabilizing myself with my arms.
“Yes. Sorry. I…” I started, he cut me off.
“Are you sure you can’t do the photo shoot tomorrow?” He asked, his eyes pleading.  I glared at him.
“You think I can handle ANOTHER one?! I literally tripped on air just now.” He sighed.
“Plea-” I cut him off.
    “No.” I snapped. “I need a break.” I expected him to leave in a huff, like usual, but he simply stood there, looking me directly in the eyes. I smiled uncomfortably.
“Haha look at the time!” I stated awkwardly. “I’ve got to, uu uh hm.” My face blushed crimson as I frantically searched for an excuse. Ralph smiled sadly.
“It almost dinner, I know.” His voice was soft. “I will leave now.” With that, he turned and left, closing the door behind him. I sat down hard on the floor, wincing at the thump.
“Owww,” I grumbled aloud, my thoughts returning to Ralph within seconds. I found myself thinking of his deep gray eyes, stormy was the only way to describe them. Just a hint of blue graced the depths, taking your breath away. I smile touched my lips as I sat there, on the cold hard floor, just wondering. I simply sat there, dreaming like a child, dreaming of a romance that I had never considered before. A romance? I caught myself. No. He hated me, I hated him… we would always hate each other, or would we? I found myself slipping back into my reverie and shook my head, it could never happen. I stood, brushing off my jeans, and walked toward the kitchen. My stomach growled.
“Shut up you.” I giggled, patting it gently “ You’ll get your fill while I binge-watch.”  I pranced to the snack cupboard. This cupboard was rarely opened but always stocked over brim full. I couldn’t afford to open it more than once every few months, well, I could afford it, but my employers would not appreciate it. I grabbed every snack possible and rushed to my bedroom. It was so nice to NOT be wearing heels and to NOT be posing for the camera.  And it would be even nicer to not have to deal with that tomorrow either!
It was nice to just sit there, to not have to worry about my form, my hair, my whole life for that matter. My phone rang, twice, three times. Groaning, I rolled over and snatched it off my nightstand.
“Hello?” No answer. “Beep beep beep beep.”  I sighed, rolling my eyes. Really? Someone had to call me, but not talk to me. How lame. I glanced back at my computer, suddenly I wasn’t interested. Sitting, I picked up my laptop and placed it on the ground by my bed. Pulling up my covers, I smiled tiredly. Closing my eyes, I slipped into romantic dreams.
I woke happy, disgusting in appearance, but happy. No work, no anything. This was the day of no commitments… even though I had told Ralph I had some… But hey, he’ll never know I was making up excuses. Sometimes I just need a day that is completely empty.
Blasting music, I grabbed some eggs out of the fridge and danced my way to the stove, grabbing a pan on the way. I danced while it fried, and was still dancing when, you guessed it, the doorbell rang.
“Come in!” I shouted, not considering who it might be, or the fact that my dancing might leave the impression of insanity. The door opened slowly, carefully, as though the person behind of it was afraid of the possibly horrific noise coming from within. Sighing, I ran over to the wall pad and turned the music down to a more decent volume.
“Delivery for miss….” There was a pause, “Del’hans…” The figures voice faded. I waited for him to come around the door, but then decided he probably wouldn’t. Turning down the flame so my egg wouldn’t burn, I opened the door wider so the delivery person could bring whatever it was into my living quarters.
 I gasped, red roses were spilling from a huge basket, a small white envelope sitting amongst them.
“Who sent this!” I cried, delighted, surprised, touched. He stumbled, and briskly walked to my table, setting the gift down heavily.
“I was told not to tell you anything.” He answered stiffly, before walking out, closing the door behind him. I stood there, dumbstruck, not sure who would send me such a gift. It took me a while to move towards the blood colored blossoms. I sighed, stroking one of the delicate petals. Who would send these? A large rose in the center caught my eye, pulling it from the bunch, I gasped as a white paper fell from its seating on one of the thorns. Setting the rose down gently, I bent, grasping it gingerly.
I unfolded it, excited, nervous. Reading the sloppy print, I gasped in delight. ‘You and me princess. Tonight? Dinner? ~Your Cameraman’  My very being was smiling. Oh yes, I hated him, his infuriatingly handsome smile, his teasing ways, his demanding personality. But, what if I loved him too? What if, he loved me back?! My lips twitched, my phone buzzed, a burning smell filled the room. My breakfast! My smile left immediately as I dashed to hopefully rescue my egg. My cooking skills were and always had been awful… beyond awful even. Turning off the stove, I frowned at the charred mess. Settling for potato chips and avocado slices, I sat on my rug in the center of my living area and turned on the tv.
I must have dozed off because before I knew it the bag was empty and the time of day was approximately 4:58 PM. I sighed, my eyelids drooping again, I saw a rose at the corner of my eye. Date night! Grabbing my phone, I recognized his number… him. ‘I’m picking you up at 5 ~R’. Glancing across the room, I glanced in the mirror… I couldn’t work with this today. My heart dropped down a few notches. A knock sounded on my door.
‘Ehm…’ I gasped. ‘Five more minutes!” I scrambled to my feet, not wanting to be seen, sucks for me. He walked in like he owned the place, just like he always does. He looked me up and down, before laughing that loud laugh that makes me want to kiss him. This time, I did. Running up to him, messy hair and everything, I kissed him. My clumsy self, missed, I kissed his chin. Laughing harder, he picked me up, whirling me around.
Kissing my forehead, he made a mock bow.
“Let us go for super madame.” He chuckled.
“Of course peasant,” I said with a wink. Spinning me around, he pulled me into his embrace.
“You must mean Cameraman.” He breathed into my neck, I shivered.
“I guess I love a cameraman.” I sighed.

A Perfect Stranger

I sighed, my hand cramped. Standing, I walked to the door, shaking out my fingers as I moved. My jeans itched. Frowning, I placed my han...